Thursday, November 24, 2011

mercury retrograde

Hi darlings,

Just a reminder that Mercury Retrograde started today. Things are probably going to be feeling a bit top-turvy right now, and it might not just be you!

Be gentle with yourself and don’t make any rash decisions. I like to take this (often frustrating) period to cultivate stillness and to be good to myself. It’s also a great time to do anything with a “re” prefix attached to it, e.g. return, review, reflect, reevaluate, reassess, rejuvenate, regroup, relocate, retrace, reconnect, recalculate, refresh, restore, recycle, recover, replace, reclaim, renew, reread, reclaim, etc.

When Mercury (which rules communications, technology, travel and rationality) is retrograde, I take a few extra minutes to back up my hard drives, give myself extra time for travel, and bite my tongue before I say something in anger or frustration.

I’m a Sagittarius, and it’s going to stay in retrograde until three days before my birthday. I thought I’d share, C.A. Brooks' Power Peek/Week Ahead thoughts because I found them very inspiring:

Well Sag, your birthday month is off to an amazing start with Mercury moving retrograde on Wednesday night and a New Moon / Solar Eclipse in your sign on Thursday evening! The fire of Sagittarius likes to do things in a big way, so make a bountiful wish before blowing out those candles on your birthday cake.

The Mercury retrograde pattern which gets rolling late Wednesday night (November 23) (early Thursday morning for most people) sends Mercury backtracking through Sagittarius. This Jupiter-ruled sign has an insatiable desire to seek out and find the truth. Information and experience is evaluated and distilled to find real meaning. All in all, not a bad place for Mercury to do its retrograde dance. As it revisits previous territory, we are bound to find new insights, answers, and solutions as the thinking planet allows us to review and literally ‘look again’.

Many people feel more psychic and ‘tuned in’ during a retrograde. This could be very useful as many of us embark on holiday shopping ventures. On Saturday, Venus the planet of values, enters practical Capricorn. In combination with the Mercury retrograde, this almost insures that we will approach gift giving in a more thoughtful manner and with a keener eye towards purpose and function and less on novelty that entertains for a moment and evaporates like a mist. Enlist Mercury to help you see your ‘hidden’ agendas and belief systems and Venus to make wise decisions with the investment of your time, money and resources during this holiday season.

Less than 24 hours after Mercury turns retrograde, the Moon and Sun merge at 2 Sagittarius forming a New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse bumps up the energy of the New Moon to a whole new level. Astrologers consider Eclipses to be ‘wild cards’ so it’s silly of me to predict just what will happen. Pay attention. Eclipses can bring in important new information and people and mark significant turning points in your life - especially if it falls on or very near a planet or house cusp in your chart. If your birthday is this week, the cosmos may be orchestrating important changes for you that could evolve over the next few weeks and months.

This Eclipse is further empowered with a trine (120 degree angle) to Uranus in Aries which aligns the energies of fire for personal exploration and development. Eclipses are often compared to cosmic ‘rebooting’ of our psychic hard drives and providing easier ‘downloads’ of information from mass consciousness, our guides and angels and our higher selves. With Uranus involved and Mercury moving retrograde this is more than a distinct possibility! This Eclipse also loosely squares motivational Mars in earthy Virgo and forms an uncomfortable inconjunct with Jupiter in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Rock and Roll! If you think you are feeling the earth move, you may be right - both literally and metaphysically speaking. Changes are afoot.

The next couple of months are anything but ‘low key’. Be sure to check out Elizabeth Pendleton’s article on the Sun in Sagittarius cycle. Elizabeth will join me on Simpletales on 12Radio this week and we’ll be giving you the full scoop.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.