Monday, November 21, 2011

omens of doom?

At my last group ritual, I pulled The Tower tarot card as a message of things to come. I know it isn’t inherently a bad card, but whenever I pull it has signaled radical changes and upheavals in my life.

This morning, when I opened my closet door it fell off its hinges/track and came crashing down on me, smashing one of the mirrored panes (7 years bad luck?). Very luckily I am not cut or seriously injured but there was broken mirror all over the floor and my back is pretty sore/was definitely knocked out of alignment. I know it was over 12 hours ago, but to be honest, I’m still feeling a bit shaken up. It may have been a complete fluke, but it felt significant at the time and it kind of still does.

I really think these types of omens come in threes. I feel like I keep waiting for something else to happen, but by all accounts things are pretty decent right now. My life isn’t perfect my any means, but I’m certainly a lot more stable (at least emotionally) than I have been in the past. So now, I’m really feeling a bit on edge. What happens next?

edit: The third thing might be that my poor little Serafina-cat is sick (again). Please send good vibes, taking her to the vet in the morning. I am bracing myself for the worst/it being possibly serious.


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